'Mermaid' in the fishtank. (Remake version.)

  • This article contains SPOILERS*

The mermaids in this game are a reoccurring topic. Though they are not really shown ingame until the very end of certain endings (side for drawings and paintings).

Mermaid LegendEdit

"It is said the son of a leader descended the mountains down to the seaside, and discovered a mermaid... The man was so smitten with the mermaid's beauty that he took her to his mountain home. He created a fishtank for her to live in. And he filled it with water from this very swamp. But a mermaid of the sea cares not for swamp water... The mermaid grew weak, and became quite ugly. Her clear skin swelled, her scales fell off, and her voice as melodic as ringing bells was reduced to a beastly howl. The mermaid took on a most repulsive form... and subsequently died. And a mermaid's wrath is no petty thing. Young woman have vanished from the nearby village... It is said to be the mermaid's curse. "

Yaobikuni endingEdit

In this ending of the game, Rin will venture over to the other side of the swamp and into an underground tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a room with 5 fishtanks. Inside are 5 bloated women, the proposed 'mermaids'. Rin will think that they are monsters. But after that, she is locked in the room and yells for help. Few days have passed, Rin says that she is hungry and wants to eat 'meat on top of rice'. She goes over to the fishtanks, and grabbing a pickaxe, she smashes the glass, screaming that she wants to eat meat as she does so. After that, the old man comes in, surprised that Rin is still alive. He looks horrified as he sees Rin all bloody, apparently having eaten the mermaid's body. 

Truth/Underwater Dream ending Edit

It becomes known that the men in the Tsuchida family has had a fascination with women underwater (hinted at though the paintings of Ophelia). It is hinted that the men of the family kidnapped young women from the village themselves and deemed them mermaids. They were kept in water tanks and were preserved after death through an intricate and complicated method. When other family members are introduced to this secret they face two options: to live by staying and keeping the secret, or to leave and risk being caught and made mermaids themselves. Amongst those whom have fled is Saeko Kawamoto and her children Chiyo and Chie, who later drowned in an irrigation channel.